How I finally did it

All right, so I was one of the privileged 90’s kids. I grew up watching Cartoon Network when it was, supposedly, at its prime. I’ve seen cartoons ranging from the action-packed SWAT Kats, to the ingenuity of what was Sheep in the Big City; I’ve experienced Genndy Tartakovsky’s brilliance, and I’ve witnessed Chuck Jones’ everlasting characters bring joy to faces of all ages; and I have been through the eight seasons of intense irregularity of what was Regular Show… I have seen it all.

Why is this important? Well, you see, exposure to all these epicosities ignited a sense of creativity inside my own self too. What started out as really ugly drawings of Teletubbies soon transformed into some elaborate fan-art of the Kids Next Door. But soon came the game changer for me – broadband internet. This is the part where I learn some basic video-editing skills via YouTube tutorials, and use a mouse to draw – on MS Paint – some 20 frames of Batman throwing a Batarang at nothing in particular; the result of which was my first ever animated motion picture:

Now was the time for me to learn how to animate.

The basics first, of course. Using YouTube tutorials, again, I was able to animate a short stick figure animation on Adobe Flash:

And I eventually ended up adding some color to these as well:

This whole learning process was taking quite a long time (it took me 2 years getting from Batman to the Desolation of Staug)… but I had the hunger, and I had the time.

Unfortunately, though, I had YouTube no longer. YouTube was blocked in Pakistan for 3 something years; and that was that. University life was getting the most of me anyway in these years. I made a move to live-action videos; and even produced a 4 episodes long mini-series by the name of LUMS Kahani.

2 years ago, however, YouTube was finally back. I finally had time to work on the script I had written at the time for a potential animation.

After all these years, the motivation was back; the hunger was back; time… not so much, but I had enough. Every time I started animating, I found out there was more to learn, yet. Every time I draw some sketches, there’s more to learn. Every time I open Adobe Flash, there’s

There’s always more to learn.

It took me 2 more years of YouTube tutorials to finally start working on the same script I had written back then – only to find out the script was outdated.

Welcome to the internet, Hadi.

Very well, then. I was able to bring the script up to date with the today world and begin working on my masterpiece.

It took me 2 months animating the whole thing. My first ever animated cartoon. I had finally done it. I could, now, call myself an animator*.

*an extremely amateur one… but still


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